Why You Should Be Excited For Tomorrow

Our country remains the symbol of freedom, hope and dreams and every four years is another reminder that the ‘experiment’ continues to be successful.

beginningsThe only enjoyment I can get from our very contentious elections these days is the fact that anyone who aspires to a higher goal has the potential to achieve it

Whether you are seeking an elected office or a new job or promotion, your success is greatly determined by the belief you have in yourself.

YOU are the key to your own success.

Years ago I wanted a position with a local hospital.  I applied and had a phone interview.  I didn’t get the job.  Going back over the interview, I realized I didn’t have the belief in me to go get the job.  I didn’t expound on my achievements, knowledge and abilities.  At the very basic level, I didn’t think I deserved this job.

But that was early on in my own personal development journey.  It took a lot of work – on me.

I realized, if I didn’t continually fill my mind with positive thoughts, new ideas, encouragements and knowledge I would never be in a position to achieve greater goals for my career and family.

Filling your life with goals, positive thoughts, encouragement and knowledge is like the gas tank in your car.  As long as you keep putting in the gas you will keep on going farther and farther  If you don’t fill it with gas, eventually to stop and go no where.

Where are you today?

Are you growing, learning and filling your tank with the gas that will fuel your personal growth?  Or are you neglecting your tank, out of gas, and stuck?

If you’re moving forward, keep it up and keep going!  If you’re stuck, let me know in the comments below.  Let’s re-discover your dreams and goals, and put some gas I your tank.

This may be a new beginning with the leadership of our country, but the today can be an even greater beginning for the future of your life.

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