3 Reasons You Should Have Been at the SCORRE Conference

I have been giving speeches and presentations for a lot of years. Some went well and others were just okay. I found myself struggling at times to put a speech together in a way that impacted my audience. I would get hung up with the content and trying to find the direction to take the speech.

But that all changes this week after I attended the SCORRE Intensive Training in San Clemente, CA.

If you are regularly in a position to give presentations or are asked to give a speech, then it would benefit you greatly to get the SCORRE training by Ken Davis because of the gains in effectiveness you will see in your presentation or speech.

Here are three ways your speeches will be more effective:

  1. Your main focus will be on your audience. By focusing on the audience and their needs, it will be much easier to identify the objective your speech must address in order to serve those needs. So much in the past, I had my own objective in mind and tried to make it fit my audience. My focus was in the wrong place.
  2. The content of your speech will point to the objective you now have identified. Before this week, my content was developed first and the speech – opening, close, stories and examples – were all built to fit the content I wanted to give. It didn’t actually serve the audience.
  3. Your speeches will have more impact on the audience. It occurred to me this week, in my speeches I was trying to serve me and my interests in the speech. Now, I know for the most impact I need to be focused on the audience. If I focus on their needs, struggles, challenges and triumphs, the message I deliver will be remembered and my prayer is that it has a lasting impact.

Ken Davis has put together a premier process for speech, sermon and presentation development and deliver. As Ken says, his purpose for the SCORRE training is to:

  • Prepare with Focus.
  • Deliver with Clarity.
  • Speak with Power.

I encourage you, if you want to be more effective in your speaking – whatever avenue it takes – you need to consider attending a SCORRE Intensive training. In the meantime, until the next one, you can get a jump start on the training by getting the SCORRE Training Series DVD and Workbook set at kendavis.com.

Your audience deserves it.

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